This isn’t just about bookkeeping and taxes. While you run the business, we run the company. A good CFO goes beyond maintenance of clean books. They are a true business partner giving you fact based business advice across the board — advising on business set up, setting up compensation structures, negotiating leases / business contracts, budgeting the precious money in the bank or the limited equity you have to give away to employees, telling you how to pitch your company to investors for the next round of funding, etc. myStartUpCFO brings you all the CFO you need, supporting your business where it’s needed the most, when it is needed the most. Some of our services include:

  • Establishing new companies: C Corp/S Corp/LLC
  • Setting up financial books
  • Maintaining accrual-based US GAAP compliant financial books
  • Day-to-day transactions: ledger entries, bank reconciliations, accounts payable/receivable
  • Keeping management, board of directors, and investors informed: financials that give a true sense of the business to C-level executives
  • Create custom dashboards; show meaningful financial and operational KPIs
  • Manage payroll, tax reporting
  • Negotiate/manage insurance, lease, vendor contracts
  • Year-end tax compliance at federal, state, municipal levels
  • Financial and business modeling/forecasting
  • Profit and loss analyses
  • Support fundraising and M&A processes
  • Coordinate audits and valuations
  • Sales compensation set-up
  • Equity budgeting/capital table projections and management
  • Cloud hosting of accounting system and processes
  • Virtual Office service to handle all incoming paperwork while you’re away
  • You get the idea…