The Beginning of an Inclusive Startup

  Last week, I talked about how Silicon Valley and the tech industry, in general, is biased against women. It was to battle this that myStartUpCFO was started. In August 2013, we began with the social objective of integrating women back into the workforce, without robbing them of family time. We actively work towards closing Keep Reading ..

6 Mistakes Founders Make When Raising Funds

Raising money for your startup doesn’t have to be an impenetrable mystery, like whether your fridge light stays on when you shut the door. Every week, I meet people who still haven’t figured it out. In this article, I’ve shared some common mistakes I stop people from making. The fridge light turns off. Next topic, Keep Reading ..

Sexual Harassment and the lack of an inclusive culture in startups of Silicon Valley

Kalanick’s world melted with one blog post by Susan Fowler. A detailed, dispassionate 2,910-word account by an ex-Uber engineer opened a can of worms for Uber and brought forward the misogynistic culture of the $68b company. “When I reported the situation, I was told by both HR and upper management that even though this was Keep Reading ..

Sava360 Interview with Sandeep Shroff, CEO and Co-Founder, myStartUpCFO

Who is Sandeep Shroff? CEO and co-founder of myStartUpCFO Sandeep Shroff is making a name for himself and his startup… and, as you can see, it’s all in the name! myStartUpCFO essentially provides small businesses with on-demand full-stack CFO support. We all know that in the early stages of starting a business, there is so Keep Reading ..

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Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

After speaking with hundreds of CEOs, I realized that burn rate isn’t as Startup101 as I had thought. There are still a lot of things that founders understand incorrectly when it comes to being a #BurnRateZombie. But before we get into it… Let’s take a pop quiz! Once upon a time, there was a CEO Keep Reading ..

Burn Rate Zombie

Are You A Burn Rate Zombie?

India’s Taxi Wars will make a great movie one day. The good guys, however, don’t always win. Sometimes they die before the movie climaxes. Today, the leaders in India’s taxi wars are Uber and Ola. It wasn’t always so. There was another, a more scrappy competitor in the early days. It’s 2015, Uber had been Keep Reading ..